Verse of the Day

What is strength? The capacity to withstand Great force or pressure. Personal strengths are the skills and actions that you can do well. Strengths are God given gifts and talents. Each and every one of us possess different strengths and He is the source of our Strength. When we are weak, He is Strong! He is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. He guides us, leads us and teaches us. Through Him we have Godly wisdom to use our Strengths to guide us along our path. We can learn to be content in all circumstances knowing that He works all things together for the Good of those that Love Him. As long as we are following the light that leads us along the path, we have the strength to make it through any storm. He is the light in the darkness and with Him you have the strength to withstand even the greatest pressure. You can make it through any storm! Did you know that Diamonds are formed under pressure? Do you know what Diamonds do? They Reflect Light! God gave me a word for 2023, Reflection. I’ve been under a lot of pressure recently in many aspects of my life from health to finances, job, home, car, marriage, family, ministry and so much more. So many things coming at me, so much pressure! But it’s because I am being formed into a Diamond that is made to Reflect His Light. You are too! It is under our greatest pressure that we are formed and become a Reflection of Him! You are made to Reflect His Light and because of this you have the strength to withstand. The Greatest Strength is Light because it dispels Darkness. He is our Greatest Strength. We Reflect His light and the enemy flees!

Psalm 18:28-30 O Lord, you give me light; you dispel my darkness. You give me strength to attack my enemies and power to overcome their defenses. This God – how perfect are his deeds! How dependable his words! He is like a shield for all who seek his protection.

Praise God!

I can do All things through Christ who Gives Me Strength! Philippians 4:13

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