Prayer. We all know that we should do it, but how often do we let things distract us or keep us from it? There is Power in Prayer. Prayer changes things. Prayer moves mountains. Prayer causes shifts in the Spiritual Realm. Prayer breaks chains and sets captives free. The Father desires to speak with You. He desires that personal one on one time with Him in the Secret Place. Humble Yourself, get on your knees. Lay yourself at the foot of the altar. Cry out to Him. Not only does He desire to have that one on one time with you, but He also desires that we Pray together in numbers. Spend time in Prayer with others in Groups and You will see the Power of God flow in your life like never before. You will see the shift in your lives. It will be visible. I encourage you to Pray like never before. A Praying Church is a Powerful Church. Rise Up Together in One Accord, of One Mind and Pray Together Church. Lift up your voices together in Unity. We will soon see a shift in the atmosphere that will usher in a move of the Holy Spirit among His People like never before, the Prayers of the Righteous will cause this shift. 


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