After God’s Heart

My husband and I have been studying in 1 and 2 Samuel and Kings for a while now. We’ve been reading about David. David is revered as a man after God’s own Heart. When I think about a man after God’s own Heart I think about a “Perfect” man, someone that can do no wrong. However, David was the farthest thing from perfect. Honestly some of the things about David disgust me, in particular his many wives and concubines. I think to myself ‘How can David be a Man after God’s own Heart?’.

I’ve been thinking about this for several weeks now and the truth is none of us are Perfect, No not one. God doesn’t require us to be perfect. We are human, we make mistakes, we fall. What God does require is our Heart. God wants us to Love Him. Love Him so much that we are willing to be led by Him, to recognize our sins and turn from them and learn to walk in His ways. God wants obedience and sacrifice. Everyone of us make choices in this life. We make the choice to turn from our sins and follow Him. We can choose to learn when we fall and be more like Him and let His Heart flow through us with the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

I believe that is what makes David a man after God’s own Heart. David sought God daily in his choices. He chose to be more like God. He chose obedience and sacrifice. He turned from his sins and learned to be more like God and let the fruits of the Holy Spirit work through him. It wasn’t David the imperfect man that brought us David’s Psalms, it was the Holy Spirit flowing through David. David made the choice to love God and let God work through him.

We can all make the choice to Love God, seek Him daily and let the fruits of the Holy Spirit work through us. We can all be Children of God after His own Heart. Give your sins to God, lay them at His feet. He is Faithful to Forgive. Turn from your sin and seek God. Learn His ways. Read your Bible, Study, Pray, Fellowship. Be Filled with the Holy Spirit and let Him transform you into a Child of God After His own Heart. Let’s the Fruits of the Holy Spirit flow through you. Love God with All of your Heart, Mind and Soul.


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