Overcoming Anxiety

If we allow our thoughts to linger on the “What If’s” we will cripple our ability to trust God in hard times.

Stay Focused on the little things you can savor during this time. Practice being Grateful. Gratitude will change your attitude.

The associate Pastor at my Church recently preached about Anxiety. She said Anxiety is overcome with Giving to others. I truly believe this, when we stop focusing on ourselves and think about others and their needs and how we can meet them we see the bigger picture and stop worrying about our own problems. Sometimes we even see our own problem doesn’t even compare to what someone else is facing. Loving Our Neighbor is put into Action and brings a peace that surpasses All Understanding.

So let’s Focus on Loving Our Neighbors during this time and lending a hand where we are able, if you have something Extra, give. If we come together we can help to fulfill each others needs.


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