Love One Another

Where has the love gone? Lately all I have seen are attacks on one another within the body. I see strife and contention being stirred everywhere I look. The bible says, Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it, in two different places. It is talking about Love. Love for our brothers and sisters. Love for mankind. Love for one another. We choose to do good and not evil, to seek peace. We all have free-will and can do as we choose. If we are being obedient to the Lord and seeking a closer walk with Him and striving for peace, then we should be seeking to do good in every area of our lives and especially in our dealings with our brothers and sisters. Do not return evil for evil and you will receive the Blessing of Peace. Be kind and compassionate. Love One Another. If you have a real issue with your brother or sister, I urge you to come to them, gently, humbly with compassion.

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