Be Grateful

I personally think in being grateful we learn to focus on the positive in life and can truly learn to be happy no matter what our circumstances are at the moment. Trust me, there are times when we all want to throw our hands in the air and just give up. There are times when something we are going through seems like the worst thing in the world and nothing could ever be worse. We all have those moments.

The truth is, whatever it is that you are going through could very well be the worst thing you’ve ever experienced, but there is something good in your life, something or someone, you truly can be thankful for. Something that gives you hope and brings you joy.

It may be that you’ve lost your job, or your car has just been repossessed, or maybe your house has been foreclosed on, or your spouse/significant other has left you, or you’ve just found out you have to move because you can’t pay your rent, or a loved one just passed away. Maybe it’s none of these things at all, but it is something to you that feels like the end of the road and you will never be able to move on from it. Whatever it is, that circumstance, that trial that you’re facing it may truthfully feel like the end of the world, but you still have something to be grateful and ever so thankful for. It may be something so small and seemingly insignificant to others, but whatever it is it’s yours and you can be thankful for it and draw hope and happiness from it.

Focus on the positive and the good things you have in life, it’s there that you find happiness, hope and joy.

Personally I find all of my happiness, hope and joy in my savior Jesus.

I am so unbelievably grateful that my God loves me beyond any fathomable comprehension. I am grateful to know and have a relationship with God. I am grateful that God continually blesses me beyond anything that I deserve. I am grateful that He knows my every need, care and want and faithfully provides. I am grateful that God answers prayer. I am grateful that he continues to do a marvelous work in me. I am grateful that He is a forgiving God. I am grateful that He sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. I am grateful that He is the great physician and can heal any hurt, habit, hang-up, disease, or affliction. I am grateful that I am able to give Him praise. I am grateful that he allowed me to be baptized and born again. I am grateful to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I am grateful to be Spirit led. I am grateful to be a woman of God. I am grateful to be able to give Him all of the Glory and Honor. I am grateful to call Him my best friend. I am grateful that he has blessed me with a wonderful church to call home. I am grateful that He has given me a strong circle of believers to fellowship, learn, and heal with. I am grateful that He has blessed me with the greatest friends and family anyone could ever wish for. I am grateful that He calls me His child. I am grateful that I have His word to read and grow in daily. I’m grateful to be able to be used by Him.

I’m grateful for each and every one of you, to be able to call you my friends and family is an honor. I’m grateful that I don’t have a job right now and have the time to write this grateful letter. I’m grateful for my wonderful husband who serves me each and every day. I’m grateful for the love of my husband. I’m grateful that I have a roof over my head, food to eat and clothes to wear. I’m grateful that my car runs. I’m grateful for all the people I’ve known in my life that I’ve had a chance to learn from.

I’m just so plain grateful for so many, many things.

in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

What are you grateful for?

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